Applications Window film is suited for the following applications

Automotive Residential Commercial

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Safer With safety and security film installed your windows will be stronger forming a protective barrier, in the event of an accident, hold shattered glass (small fragments) in place that could be scattered if the window is broken. This lessen the risk of injury, making cleanup and replacement much easier

Smash & Grab attacks - Reduce loss and injury Safety film can help prevent injury from flying glass caused by smash and grab attacks, as safety film holds the glass in place and greatly strenghthens your windows, it is harder to break through your windows, therefore reducing the risk of injury, loss of valuable goods and even saving your life.

Protect your vehicle's interior and your skin. Window film protects both you and your car from the damaging effects of the sun. With the ever-increasing breakdown of our ozone layer, dermatologists warn against over exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays which can cause caner. Polarized sunglasses protect the eyes, sunblock protects the skin, and window film protects the interior of your car and you skin. A clear choice in solar protection. Safety Film acts like a barrier, blocking out 99% of the sun's UV rays that contribute to the deterioration of a car's interior.

More Comfortable Safety Film also reduces heat and glare coming through the window, by reducing the visible light transmitted through the windows, thus making you more comfortable and safer while driving.

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